I’m producing a new kids prank show for DreamWorksTV and AwesomnessTV!

After producing our first round of 10 pranks for a show called “I pranked my parents”, they have signed on with us to do another 10 more episodes……whoooo hooo! It’s basically Punk’d for kids. I get the opportunity to come up with fun ideas where kids get to mess with […]

I teamed up with E! to make the Pilot of my new Prank Show Girls With Balls!

I always wanted to make a prank show about Girls who prank…..kinda like JackAss meets Punk’d but waaaayyyy Hotter! So created a show that did just that and called it Girls With Balls! After months of shopping the sizzle reel to a bunch of suits in Hollywood, we finally got […]

My Interview for WWE Swerved

I recently had the chance to be a part of a super fun prank show for the WWE, Swerved. Not only did I get to work with Jeff Tremaine AKA the God of Pranks, but I got to prank big muscly WWE wrestlers…….How did I get so lucky? Click on […]